World leaders in design and technology of food automation machinery for high care environments

i-Gene Food Systems have a particular speciality in food automation robots and equipment. We manufacture ultrasonic cutters, mixers, depositors, butterers, sanitizers and production conveyors tailored to your needs.


Optimize your Food Production!

i-Gene Food Systems manufactures the latest food automation equipment, robots and machine designs. Our talented and dedicated designers use cutting edge 3D software to design and model new machines ready for manufacture. Our customers have confidence in our ability to adapt, innovate and make changes to achieve success.


We're proud that in the eyes of our customers, we are known for reliability and trust. We value every customer, so we offer a skilled support team to address any concerns. We take on any challenge big or small. I-Gene understands the importance of your business and that's why we ensure that mechanical design and manufacturing are all under one roof. With a team of innovative engineers and fabricators, we are one of the world leaders in food automation technology. 

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Our Specialties

Millitec machinery

Find i-Gene Food Systems products ranging from; robots, ultrasonic cutters, depositors, conveyors, butterers, and sanitizers.


i-Gene Food Systems provide hand crafted spares in our factory to ensure the highest quality finish.

RL_MT Electronics

i-Gene Food Systems offer expert assistance from our dedicated and talented engineers, on how to improve your current food plant design. Get in touch!