About i-Gene Food Systems

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Delivering innovation in automation

i-Gene Food Systems manufactures outstanding, world-class, durable and innovative machines, within the food production sector. Everything we do is based on our company values, providing innovation and the highest quality products. We aim to provide pioneered designs and advanced technology to all of our customers, in every automated machine. We are honored when our clients choose our company, as we value people, not just the equipment. 

What We Do


i-Gene Food Systems manufactures a range of machinery designed to optimize operational efficiency and meet sanitary standards in the modern food manufacturing environment.

Whether you need Conveyors, Cutters, Depositors, Butterers, Robotics or Sanitizers, we have you covered! We find solutions to product issues, in order to make them safer, cleaner and persistent. Our portable robot systems can be programmed to suit your food production needs, also perform countless pick and place tasks.  

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i-Gene Food Systems offers expert assistance from our dedicated and talented engineers. We can work together to improve your current production by offering advice, inspiration and knowledge to your business.  We can visit your site to enhance your process and add to your unique selling point. 


Get in touch! Let us discuss, change and support you! Your company matters to us!