i-Gene Robotics

At i-Gene we know food production so we recognize how vital it is to ensure a smooth and reliable process.

The i-Gene Food Systems Delta Robot has rapid set up, strip down and clean times. This machine has the same operating capability to replace at least one person on a production line and it works faster with impeccable accuracy.

The Delta Robot fully integrates on our assembly conveyors which are built around the ethos of increasing production efficiency, reducing waste, and offering the ultimate hygienic solution. 



Millitec igene sandwich robot

i-Gene Robotics

As an industry first, i-Gene have created the most hygienic, portable food processing robot. Our in-house designed delta robots are created specifically for high care food processing which means that we have considered hygiene and precision at every stage in our design process.

The Delta Robot uses "state-of-the-art" technology, the patented i-Gene wet/dry lidding robot is capable of lidding (seen in the video) and rotating over 60 sandwiches per minute, ready to be transferred to the cutting stage of your production process. 

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