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i-Gene Food Systems manufactures a range of machinery designed to optimize operational efficiency and meet sanitary standards in the modern food manufacturing environment.


Along with our conveyors, mixers, slicers and cutters, our portable robot systems can be configured to perform countless pick & place and quality assurance tasks.



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Millitec machinery

i-Gene Food Systems Delta Robot


Using state-of-the-art technology, the patented igene wet/dry lidding sandwich robot is capable of lidding (seen in the video) and rotating over 60 sandwiches per minute. Ready to be transferred to the cutting stage of your production process.


Measuring 38 x 27 inches, i-Gene Food Systems delta robot is designed to meet the same size pitch as a human on a production line, whilst working faster, with consistent accuracy.


Other products

Ultrasonic Cutters

i-Gene Food Systems Ultrasonic sandwich and wrap cutters use a Teflon coated titanium blade to achieve the perfect cut.

Find our Cutters here


i-Gene Food Systems depositors are fast; efficient, compact and hugely accurate, fully hygienically compliant and easy to clean.

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i-Gene Food Systems conveyors are built around the ethos of increasing production efficiency, reducing waste and offering the ultimate hygienic solution.

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i-Gene Food Systems butterers allow for continuous, quick and even butter spreading on sandwich lines.

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Sanitizing Conveyors prevent contamination from any item entering a controlled environment.

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camix mixer title
Camix Mixers

Camix mixers are reliable and consistent mixing without risking damage to the product.

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Delta robot
i-Gene Delta Robot

i-Gene Food Systems has created the delta robot with hygiene and intelligence as priority.

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