Sanitizing Machines

 i-Gene Food Systems manufactures a range of machinery designed to optimize operational efficiency and meet sanitary standards in the modern food manufacturing environment.

Along with our conveyors, mixers, slicers and cutters, our state-of-the-art sanitizing tunnels and conveyor belt CIP systems exceed FDA and USDA standards.

Our CIP can continuously clean your production conveyor, minimizing downtime during change-overs between allergens and species etc. 




Clean-in-place unit
CIP Units

The range of CIP Units wash, rinse and dry the surface of conveyor belts without any disruption to the production line. Sanitized water is sprayed under pressure onto the surface of the belt to achieve the highest standards of hygiene, to prevent cross-contamination.

The belt is then rinsed with clean water to remove any sanitizer residue before being vacuumed dry on both sides. All features are fully programmable from the user touch screen which is mounted on the panel.

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Sanitising Conveyor
Sanitizing Tunnel

The SC-R Recirculation Sanitizing Tunnel prevents contamination from any item entering a controlled environment. A comprehensive dosed water spray matrix ensures that each product is fully sanitized before entering food or pharmaceutical production plants. 

The SC-R eliminates the risk of human error associated with dip-tank, hand spray procedures and conventional sanitizing tunnels. The machine is cantilevered and mounted on castors all of which remain on the low care side of the barrier. The machine is available in a variety of sizes to cope with products from small tubs to complete baskets and trays.

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