How We Automate Sandwich Production

Sandwich Automation Equipment

The first piece of equipment are the sandwich production conveyors (SPC). These are ergonomically designed and used to simplify the processing of food products; coming in various lengths to tailor to the production line. 


This is what carries the bread and ensures that it reaches the next sandwich equipment (collator butterers), where they begin their process of becoming a sandwich. Having the intelligent machine perfectly spread a thin layer of butter onto the bread in a matter of seconds. The collator butterer ensures that the perfect spread happens every time through the ability to churn and heat the butter before application. See the collator butterer in action. 

Moving over to our highly intelligent i-gene robots

The next piece of equipment in this sandwich production is i-Gene’s Delta Robot. This machine lids and rotates over 60 sandwiches per minute, ready to be transferred to the cutting stage of your production line. Find an example of i-Gene robotics in action. 

The Finishing Touches

After the sandwich has been brilliantly lidded by i-Gene. The fourth piece of sandwich equipment in this production line is the ultrasonic sandwich cutter. This impressive piece of machinery precisely cuts the sandwiches into triangles in seconds with minimal disruption to the filling. See the ultrasonic sandwich cutter in action. 


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