Through continuous research and design development at i-Gene, we are excited to reveal our new range of depositors for the food industry.


These depositors provide fast, efficient, compact and highly accurate depositing - thanks to the servo driven system. The machines are fully hygienically compliant and easy to clean. Our depositors can accurately deposit set amounts of sauces, pasta salads, creams and other wet produce.



Hygienic Pasta Depositor

The Hygienic Pasta Depositor (HPD) is equipped with a dual head, giving this machine the ability to hygienically deposit up to 60 pots per minute. The HPD operates through a touchscreen interface and automated adjustable height depositor head, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Find the data sheet for the Hygienic Pasta Depositor.

Volumetric Servo Depositor

The Volumetric Servo Depositor is the most efficient and sanitary single headed depositor on the market. With a superior level of depositing accuracy, the VSD minimizes giveaway, whilst working speed and accuracy.

Find the data sheet for the Volumetric Servo Depositor.

Igene food systems - product photo of a multi-head sauce depositor
Multi-head Sauce Depositor

The Multi-head Sauce Depositor is super hygienic and allows the rapid application of up to 4 simultaneous deposits, improving your production efficiency. The equipment has a touchscreen control panel, pre-programmable recipes, and 60 cycles per minute.

Find the data sheet for the Multi-head Sauce Depositor.

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Download Brochure
Download Brochure